Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have wanted to write in this BLOG since last week when I was initiated into it by my good friend Tengku Ali Bustaman, our Sifu on the internet and a great geek, as far as the members of Persatuan Veteran RTM (PVRTM) is concern. He has already established his award winning blog DI BAWAH RANG IKANG KERING and the recent established POKKU'S POS, as well being the webmaster for PVRTM website.

I am not keen into the BLOG as I am more of a laid back guy who likes to see the world go by, without expressing myself loudly, with or without emotions. I was told to make it sort of a diary. That sound dangerous; people reading your diary, and knowing the dark side of you.

Tengku Ali convince me many out there would like to share my past experiences especially in the broadcasting world where I spent more than 32 years of my life, in the later years as manager and administrator, and particularly in the sphere of sports commentary both for Radio and TV in the days when there was no competition from the commercial broadcasters.

Of course there are others like friends, nephews and nieces who overwhelmed me with their desire of the same.

Well that's the beginning, hoping I still have the knack of putting expressions into words which I have not done since retiring in 1995. So enjoy but let me know what you all think, as well as what you like to add on.

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  1. Congrats and welcome to the world of blogging!
    You will be hooked in no time!
    Well done!