Thursday, October 7, 2010


By 17 December 2010 it will be a year that I dabble as a Blogger. It was at the persuasion of my good friend Tengku Mohd Ali Bostaman.

The computer is not a new thing to me as I remember having bought the Apple PC way back in the early 1970s. As work schedule was tight then, it was left to the whim and fancies of my growing up children at home.

Later I bought the latest model of the day to assist me in my office assignment. It was short live as I have to give that up. Izad was pursuing his tertiary education and needed a PC to complete his assignment. When he finished it was niece Diyana turn to inherit when she was pursuing her Bio Science degree at University Malaya.

By the time they graduated I was getting use to life without the computer and as a retired person I don’t need one. As it turn out Tengku Ali was encouraging members of Persatuan Veteran RTM to be computer savvy to fill in the long hours available in life. He conducted a computer course at IPTAR which was well attended and I was one of the participants.

That was the time I learn the development of the New Media that everyone was talking about. I was easily taken up by the latest communication technology development. Blog, Face Book, Twitter, Spyke etc really impressed me. With a little nudge from T.Ali I was easily taken in. I went round window shopping for a good PC or laptop. Then at the spur of the moment I decided “if you want to go big, look for safety and comfort, get among the best in the market”. Without blinking an eye lids I became the owner of a Sony VAIO laptop to the surprise of my computer kakis, especially our Sifu. I have no regret for the price paid. So far it has not given any serious problem.

Then it was choosing the so called broadband. None of the brands impress me. They have their defects but I just pick one. I could not go to TM to continue with my old account that was defunct. Streamyx was in the house but Izad took the modem and the account with him to his workplace in Segamat. I was biding time to get the latest fibre optic connection which has been well publicise by TM. It came in April 2010 to Subang Jaya and I was among the first to take up the offer around the housing estate. I enjoyed 2 months of free usage (May and June) compliment of TM while waiting for UniFi to be fully utilised officially. I have no regret. All who came to the house with their laptops was impressed with the speed of the connection, and they came in drove to download materials which seem to take ages on the broad bands and Streamyx.

Now I am in full gear. I had this particular blog that I step in once in a while.

Two months ago I had a look at the Face Book and like it. My “friends” are growing in numbers but I have to be selective as there are the few who seem to hog our link as if it belongs to them. As usual you meet all sorts of characters as in everyday life. For the sake of ‘friendship’ we have to be patience.

I am happy to renew acquaintances all round especially old friends and relatives who I have not been in contact for ages. Best of all is the positive response from the younger set of the family who were willing to come forward and produce ‘gems’ and ‘treasures’ in the form of photographs that revive poignant memories. Thank you ‘guys’. What I like most about these kids whom I have known since the days they were in the cradles is they were so shy in real life but in FB they are so open and articulate. They find it much easier to communicate with elders like me which is a good sign for FB, especially its ‘chat’ and ‘message’ areas.

Due to time constrain I have not venture into other areas of the internet except to update myself with the latest news and events globally.

Waiting eagerly for further development.

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