Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year

I started the new year by having breakfast with my old friends Zulkarnain Hassan and Tengku Mohd Ali (Pok Ku) at our  favourite prata restaurant Mehran in Jalan Ipoh KL, reminiscing old times and updating on old friends. Pok Ku was kind enough to supply each of us with a pocket diary for the new year which will be very helpful to remind us of future events and appointments which come far and between in our golden years.

In the old days when I was working, the department supply the diaries to keep us abreast with our appointments. At the end of the year most of the public agencies and the private sector would be pouring their diaries and calendars in excess which came in handy as gifts to our closed ones and good friends who were not fortunate to own one. This year I am waiting for the usual calendar from another old friend Haji Yusof Awang.

I got strings of New Year greetings through the short messaging service SMS as well as the internet’s Facebook. The FB is quite handy with reminder of friends’ birthdays.

Being a retiree I don’t have ambitious resolutions for the New Year but to continue with what I have been doing all these days and hoping to be able take better care of my health and faculty. I also wish and resolute I could be a better person to others.

I strongly believe this could be a better world if each and every one stops speculating and rumour mongering. Let us talk with facts and figures, do our best not to distort them.

Looking forward to a better and peaceful world with the coming of the New Year.

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