Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just a bad day

We have been to this store at Jalan Sungai Buloh for years and never expected the bad experience. We found the place under renovation and were forced to park the car on the road side rather than at the regular place in its compound.

We went inside the store for about 10 minutes. When we came to the car we found to our dismay the glass window of the front passenger was shattered. We were devastated. The glove compartment as well as the middle compartment beside the driver’s seat was open. On checking, nothing was amiss except the disappearance of the newly purchased Smart Tag together with RM90.00 worth of Touch n Go.

Also not in sight was my favourite black canvass bag which I carried everywhere, placed behind the driver’s seat. It was stubborn of me not to heed friends’ advice not to place such bag within sight in the car. It is tempting for the thief to break-in thinking there must be a laptop or some valuables in it. Now I have learned an expensive lesson.

I was advised to make a police report. I knew it was an exercise in futility as the police could not do anything to offset my loss or solved my problem. There are so many such cases throughout the city. So making a police report is just a waste of time.

I called my regular workshop and they told me getting a new glass for the window was no problem. So off I drove to USJ 6 to get the replacement. It was a 15 minutes job for the new glass to be fixed by the expert. The damage was RM150.00 for regular customer.

My parting words to all my friends: never tempt a thief by exposing a bag or container of any sort in your car. Place them in your luggage boot or where it’s not visible.


  1. Hope your expensive experience will serve as a lesson to others. Another point to note is if you carry a notebook in the car, don't leave it with its battery intact as the thief will know its existence through an equipment, though it's not visible. Don't forget to take off the battery if you have to leave it in your car.

  2. Its devastating Idris. Yes its a good lesson for me and I hope my posting is a useful guider to other friends.

    Thank you for your tip Idris. I seldom carry my laptop neither do I leave it in my car as advised by so many friends and those who experienced the break-in to their cars.