Friday, November 19, 2010

The Vain of Facebook

Suddenly I lost interest in Facebook (FB), the new social network on the internet. The propagation did not meet my expectation and it is a distance from the truth, may be my expectation and ideal is too high, which I am not willing to compromise. I have seen too many compromises in real life that went against the rules and norms that lead to the formation of a “culture” that contradict. I know I am going against the tide here.

From the beginning I don’t expect to widen the circle of my friends as I am very cautious about meeting strangers especially on the world wide network. I prefer those I knew personally, relatives and friends. When it comes to strangers I prefer those I feel are telling the truth in their profiles. Strangers with vague profiles are my main worry. Those without photos or with pictures of some other things except themselves are suspect of hiding things. These are the people who are brazen in their comments and we have to safeguard in our counter comments so as not to go against the rules and regulations. It is easy for them; once an account is closed they just created another one under different name.

I find most of the discussions on FB are trivial and childish. Perhaps I am not moving with the time due to my age. It could be fun for teenagers and the younger set but I am just not with it how much I tried to assimilate. I find the language and spelling atrocious be it in Malay or English or both. Most resort to the SMS spelling which is beyond my grasp in any languages. There are some obviously are very weak in both languages and tried to hide by using all sort of spelling methods. Worst still are those who use both languages at the same time to express themselves but failed in their attempt to write the proper way. I get worried over this as I feel it could be the result of our education policy on medium of instruction. Many blamed on the TV shows which in a way are true. This kind of going on has got to be stopped. I am happy there are still many who respect the proper usage of the language and its spelling.

I noticed the FB has become some sort of “Pasar Malam” (night market) where all sort of things are on offer. In abundance are offering for the ladies from nice dresses to undergarments, from glittering jewelleries to healthy and slimming food including ”jamu” and medication that will turn back the clock into the first night experience.  Of course for the men there is the “Tongkat Ali” the Malay version of “Viagra” and associate, being touted as giving a lasting impression for the ladies, beside other thing that give better and healthier life.

These offerings have not moved me at all. I have not tried these products as there is no guarantee of their quality. I will stick to my normal “pasar malam”, sundry shops, shopping complex and supermarket which have a better choice and offering.

Of course, there are those who propagate their beliefs and interests. The one that conflict with my belief is horoscope and the reading of the stars on one’s future. I have never subscribed to them, not because of religious teaching which says it is “syirik” (blasphemy). I have never find them to be true neither accurate. There are a few who religiously post or link these horoscope and stars for others to read. I feel they just should keep them in their personal file instead of wasting FB space of people who are not interested in such thing. Religiously I just made all these postings and links disappear from sight. Contributing to more useful thing in life would be beneficial than believing in speculations.

Then there are those who propagate their religious and political beliefs vehemently. I have learnt from the beginning to keep my distance from them.

The one that cheese me off are the bragger and the flamboyant that cares only for their world. They will come out with the most bombastic of language which got me so confuse and decided not to continue reading for lacked of understanding and getting my thought in a muddle. I appreciate good language but not the one that is mind boggling.

Finally there are friends who boast that they have thousands and hundreds of “FB Friends”. According to my experience who has been into FB about 3 months back and have about 100 “friends” I know about 80 of them personally while the others are those interested in making me their friends and I did have a closer examination of their profile just to be sure. I have deleted quite a few as they don’t fall into my category of “friends”. I just wonder how they entertain friends of more than a thousand in numbers, and how many are truly friends. This is typical of Malaysian attitude of going for quantity rather than quality.

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