Monday, April 2, 2012

Lunch at the Stall.

Today we decided to try Azlan Hussain’s recommendation on “Kueteow Rebus” at Hameed’s stall at the Food Court in Jalan Surian in Kota Damansara. Azlan has been testifying several time on Face Book that this “kueteow” is the tastiest this side of the world equivalent to his favourite “Abu” at his home town Alor Star, Kedah.

Azlan a good friend in the same neighbourhood of Subang Jaya should know what he is talking about being the person who has been around the world serving Malaysian Airline System MAS as its manager in many of the exotic places. He is a connoisseur of food. That’s the utmost reason that I decided to give a try at this stall.

It was lunch time. I gave a call to Hameed as advised by Azlan on his mobile 017-3140256 before venturing. I was surprised the lingo from the other end was not a Mamak as I thought the spelling of “Hameed” normally denote Mamak’s. On enquiring the voice said they are open for business. Off we went.

It was a straight forward drive from Subang toll to Kota Damansara toll on the NKVE costing RM 1.20. From there just get on the ramp towards Jalan Surian till the very end of the road passing two traffic lights and making a U-turn at the T-junction. Prior to that the stall could be spotted on the right side along the row with MacDonald. After the U-turn just look for the Shell patrol station and after passing the fast food outlet on the left be ready to spot a parking space. Hameed is right at the end of the many stalls next to row of housing flats. If you are lost, Hameed is opposite the Continental tyre and Proton outlets.

We were greeted by a nice and polite young man who took our order. I glanced at the price list next to his operating area, every dish of “mee”, “kueteow” and “beehoon” of “rebus” (boil) and “goring” (fry) together with “passembor” is priced at RM 4.00 each. Very fair indeed.

Before making the order was the formality of knowing each other. Being the broadcaster that I was I just wanted to know if he is any relative of “Abu” of the Alor Star famed. He was not. So he is no relative Azlan. Hameed said he was in the business for slightly over 3 months. Getting helpers was hugh problem. So he roped in his elder brother “abang” who has been a big help. He has a permanent job elsewhere. Opening hour normally is between 12.00 to 9.00 pm.

After getting served and tasting the dish, Jun was curious as the taste was the same as Hameed the Mamak stall that we used to frequent at Taman Melawati in Ulu Kelang years ago. Of course this Hameed in Kota Damansara said there was no connection.

I feel the dish was a little too much to finish hungry as I was but I manage it all the same. Jun left some of the “kueteow” to concentrate on the ingredients. The gravy was right to our taste.

Before parting we decided to take-away two “passembor” for tea as recommended by Azlan. Yes the "kuah" again was right to our taste.

It was a sumptuous lunch for two. It didn’t burn a hole in my pocket. The two “kueteow rebus” and the “two passembor” together with two fruit juices cost RM 17.80 sen.

Boleh try lagi.

Thank you for recommending, my friend Azlan.

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