Friday, May 25, 2012

Servicing the Car

Yesterday I decided to service my 11 years old Proton Waja after a lapse of 6 months. I am one of those guys who pay particular attention to car engine. I do the regular check-up and found everything in good condition. I service the car regularly at 5,000 km but this time I decided to skip 15,000 km.

I don’t go to the regular Proton service centre since day one I bought the Waja because of bad experience right from the beginning. I went to the Glenmarie Service centre and was told they cannot accept my car as it was bought under Eon or something like that which I couldn’t understand. So I went to their service centre at Seksyen 12 Petaling Jaya, and received the same response. I was asked to go to Seksyen 14. There was a big crowd. I was kept waiting for some time. At the counter I was told to make a booking which I did. I was told I got to wait 2 weeks for the service. I was perplexed. A kind young man, a mechanic pulled me aside and enquired my problem. I told him my first service was overdue. He told me Proton has a list of service agencies should I be interested. I mentioned to him to recommend me the one nearest to my residence. After browsing through the list he made a call which sounds amiable to me as they could service my car straight away without booking.

I was given the address and phone number. My car has been handled since then by
SPIN Automotive Services Sdn Bhd at No. 18, Jalan USJ 7/3, UEP Subang Jaya.
I have no complained about their performance as my car has been behaving very well in their hands. The supervisors and mechanics have changed over the years but they have done well.

When I arrived at SPIN yesterday I noticed they have a new supervisor. He gave his name as Aidil and been with the company for the last 2 months. I told him about the car’s performance and behaviour and things needed to be done. He did the usual thing by jotting down on the job’s order. He told me the car needed a “major service” which means many things have to be changed. He informed prices of spare-parts have gone up. He quoted the service would be RM540.00, and the car would be ready around 2.30 pm.

As it was only 10.00 am, as usual I called my good friend Haji Sidik Shamsuddin for breakfast of Roti Canai and Tosay. After that he sent me home and would fetch me when the car is ready. While in the house Aidil called me to inform that the spark plug coil has broken and asked for permission to replace. That would cost 370.00 for a Proton original. A local one cost 135.00 with no guarantee. So I went for the high bracket, and came with the RM 914.65 sen injury.

At 3.00 pm Aidil called to inform the Waja was ready. So Haji Sidik sent me to the workshop. I took the opportunity to know Aidil better while paying my bill. He said business was very slow lately. People prefer to delay the service of their cars, just like I did. I told him I noticed they don’t have many cars in their workshop like in the earlier days. He said weekdays were always slow. They would be busy on weekends, Fridays and Saturday. That’s the pattern. So the recession is hitting not only the people but the workshop.

Aidil has got good PR unlike the supervisors before him who kept to themselves and was slow to response to general talks and current conditions in the country.

I hope to be punctual for my next service so as to put the vehicle in good condition. I am one of those who believe in the saying “we take care of the car, and the car will take care of us”.

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